Flexible Model™ assessment​

Every company we work with is unique

and has its own culture and approach

when it comes to flexible working.

Over a number of years working with a diverse mix of clients across a range of industries, we’ve observed the critical components that – when underpinned by a great policy infrastructure – must be present for a new, sustainable and equitable path forward way to become possible and for a culture of inclusive flexibility to become truly embedded.​

Through our extensive work and understanding of the latest thinking and research as the evolved world of work continues to emerge, we have developed a model using an acronym of the word FLEXIBLE that identifies in practical terms exactly how an organisation can create a long-lasting shift that truly makes work work for everyone and for the business.​

During this stage of our partnership with a client, we work collaboratively to understand and assess current engagement, performance, culture and infrastructure and pave an exciting way forward that ensures flexible working transforms its future.​


An audit to celebrate where you are now and uncover opportunities to improve 

  •  An in-depth review of current practice, culture and behaviours using our Flexible Model™ assessment tool
  •  A collaborative process in partnership with key stakeholders
  •  An opportunity to celebrate where you are now
  •  We’ll identify both quick wins and longer-term opportunities that could transform the culture within your business and ensure a sustainable and engaging approach to flexible working that empowers and enables your people to deliver their best