Once we've completed our initial assessment and begun

to build a picture of where you are today

our recommendation is that we next add more depth and colour to that picture.​

Our suggestion would be to achieve this by inviting leaders, managers and employees from across all levels of the business to contribute to an ideation process at focus groups. ​

These sessions provide an opportunity to share the results of the assessment with a broader, more diverse stakeholder group of people at all levels and consult them on the recommendations. We will combine the outcomes of both the assessment and the ideation process and present our recommendations for next steps and solutions. ​

The outcomes of these ideation sessions are:​
  • To explore current perceptions about flexible working and appetite for change​
  • To generate ideas for potential new and/or improved ways of working by tapping into the power of your people and benefitting from their insights ​
  • To inspire participants with ideas of what’s working now in other organisations​
  • To identify potential challenges, risks or blocks to any resulting culture shift​
  • To understand the current skills profile and behaviours of a range of stakeholders so we can identify potential gaps and develop a set of ideal skills, behaviours and cultural needs that support the creation of a high-performing, engaged, trusting and sustainable flexible and inclusive culture​
  • To gain a deeper understanding of your talent objectives and strategy​
  • To link each of these outcomes to the design and development of a vision for the future of flexible working at your organization.​